World Leading Safety

Every day, someone dies in the heavy duty industry. It is Gigasense’s mission to produce safe, robust and easy to use products to protect people and property.

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Webinar on Wednesday 15 February

Welcome to join a webinar on Wednesday 15th February.

Mr Stefan Dahlman will present Gigasense Anti-Collision System – GII, smart features to improve and optimize your production.

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Quality and service taken seriously

We develop, produce and market high quality products for force measurement, overload protection, anti-collision in heavy duty hoisting, bulk transport, line construction and test equipment. All for the global market. And we provide the most robust, safest and cleverest solutions for our customers, adaptable to special needs.

Our vision is: World Leading Safety.

Force Measurement & Crane Safety

Gigasense products within Force Measurement and Crane Safety are well known high quality products, built from many years’ experience and used by leading heavy duty industry around the world. Gigasense products meet the highest demands of performance level requirements. We have one Automatic Safety Hook which is often used in water and waste water applications, to give a better and safer work routines.

Gigasense Dynamometers, Load Links and Rope Tension Meter are used to measure force in anchor lines and other wires, sometimes in sea or ship applications. Overload Guard called CSM -The Crane Safety Monitor is a complete advanced overload protection system used to increase life time of the crane and avoid unplanned downtime. Gigasense Anti Collision System GII is designed to be a maintenance free system, for outdoor use and in a very harsh environment.