About us


Gigasense AB was formed in 1951 as PIAB. The company marketed its products under the PIAB brand, including the famous PIAB dynamometer. In 2008, it changed its name from PIAB Sverige AB to Gigasense AB, and the Gigasense Anti Collision System was brought into the range. In 2012 Gigasense acquire Friborg Test Technology AB (founded 1980) and in 2013, Friborg Test Technology was fully merged into Gigasense.

Long-term owner

Mannerheim Invest is an investment firm that acts as a long-term, committed owner. It focuses on companies in the energy and technology sectors, as well as control and measurement systems. All companies in Mannerheim Invest are renowned for their growth, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Mannerheim Invest uses its extensive contact network to actively support Gigasense, providing experience, business acumen and competence.


Gigasense operates around the world through carefully selected local partners in the Force Measurement and Crane Safety business area. Its operations focus on developing high-quality products for force measurement, overload protection and anti-collision in hoisting, bulk transport and line construction.

Regarding Friborg. We produce and market equipment for IEC testing within electric safety, material testing and IP classifying to testing laboratories globally.

Gigasense’s head office, production and service department are based at Stationsvägen 16 in Åkersberga, which is around 30 km north-east of Stockholm.

Our Mission

  • Safety solutions’ development always shaped for the future.
  • To be front edge in regulations of safety.
  • No accidents or unnecessary stops where Gigasense products are used.

Our Goal

With precision, quality and service, construct, produce and distribute low maintenance, high quality products in our business fields globally.


Marie Samuelsson, CEO

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR at Gigasense

Gigasense has integrated social, environmental, ethical, consumer, and human rights concerns into our business strategy and operations. Gigasense follows the laws and regulations which affect us. Through repeated dialogue with our different stakeholders, together with analysis of strengths and weaknesses, Gigasense compiles a basis for the most important essentials. This is an ongoing work with continuous follow up that involves all employees at Gigasense.

What we do today

  • Close to 100% of our freights are climate compensated.
  • We promote diversity and gender equality together with good working conditions for our employees.
  • Replaced hazardous chemicals with safer, environmental friendly alternatives. Sorting and recycling of electronic, metal and chemical waste.
  • Paper recycling.
  • We monitor our electronic components for detection and replacement for any known trace of conflict minerals.
  • We purchase mainly from Swedish and European suppliers with good working conditions.
  • At the construction stage of a new product, we take into consideration to make products without conflict material content and to choose the most environment friendly material, components and production procedures.

Short-term goals

  • Replacing plastic packaging material for more sustainable alternatives.
  • Recycle cardboard boxes from supplier shipments by reusing them as packaging material.
  • Sorting and recycling of most of the daily waste, such as plastic and cardboard.
  • Present carbon footprints from freight on quotations and order confirmations.

Medium-term goals

Connect our quality management system (ISO 9001) to ISO 14001 – Environmental management system.

Long-term goals

  • Life cycle analysis (LCA) on our products to evaluate their environmental impact.
  • Offer alternatives for our customers to be able to recycle our products when worn out.