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Anti-Collision Protection for 100-ton Coke Carriages at the SSAB Oxelösund Coking Plant

SSAB Oxelösund AB has selected the Gigasense® microwave based anti-collision system for their 100-ton coking plant carriages. As new and stricter environmental regulation comes into force, they will increase the number of anti-collision units.

SSAB Oxelösund

The oldest coking plant in the world

The Gigasense anti-collision system prevents the more than100ton heavy pushing carriage from running off the rails. It is very diffi cult to disrupt the signal. SSAB Oxelösunds Koksverk togs i drift 1952. SSAB Oxelösund AB has the world’s oldest coking plant that still is in operation. It was commissioned in 1952. Pushing and fi lling carriages move on rails, filling and emptying the 100 coke ovens respectively. These carriages weigh more than 100 tons, some of them more than 180 tons. It is most important that they never collide. The process is continuous; every ten minutes, 10 tons of coke leaves an oven. A standstill is very expensive, and all means are used to avoid it happening. ”We have redundant systems to ensure continuous running of the plant”, says Mattias Morén, system responsible at the SSAB Oxelösund Coking Plant.

A Reliable Anti-Collision System

The Gigasense anti-collision system uses a highfrequency signal transmitted from an antenna unit, that is very focused and diffi cult to interfere. Each anti-collision system consists of a relay unit and an antenna unit with a refl ector system. If the normal monitoring system and the mechanical limit stops should have a malfunction, the Gigasense anti-collision system takes over. Firstly, the speed of the carriage is decreased, and if the carriage approaches the end of the rails, the movement is stopped.

On Recommendation

”A supplier recommended us to buy the Gigasense anti-collision system. Gigasense AB is an established Swedish company, well known for its high quality products, and therefore it was an easy choice to make”, says Mattias Morén. ”The sturdy microwave-based anti-collision systems from Gigasense AB are most suitable for the coking plant

Gigasense microwave-based anti-collision systems

The Gigasense microwave-based anti-collision systems for cranes and gantries on rails are sturdy and reliable. They will work in very dirty and dusty environments. Their clever design makes them function without unnecessary downtime, and they do not require any maintenance. The Gigasense anti-collision system may be connected via the relay unit to all sorts of control systems. Today, more than 6000 units worldwide are in use.

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