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Equip eight EOT cranes at Emirates Steel in Abu Dhabi with Anti Collision Systems

Emirates Steel in Abu Dabi choose to equip eight EOT cranes with our Microwave based GIGASENSE Anti Collision System. The primary reasons were the robustness of the system, the high quality and the references from our other users.

We received the order to equip eight EOT cranes at Emirates Steel in Abu Dhabi with Anti Collision Systems. This business was established by our partner in the Middle East, ACE Cranes, with head office in Dubai.

ACE Crane Systems’ Manager for Service & Spares, Mr. Osama Khan stated; “By showing our contacts at Emirates Steel how robust GIGASENSE Anti Collision System is in material and design, Emirates Steel decided to choose GIGASENSE Anti Collision System over the system they have previously used. The primary reasons were the robustness of the system, the high quality and the references from other users.”

Furthermore, the flexible turnkey package that ACE Cranes provided was very appreciated by Emirates Steel Industries. The cranes run in a Steel Mill and therefore, the installation work could not be done continuously and the work schedule was split to match the mill downtime days. This made the installation work span over more than 40 days, even though the installation is very straight forward and does not claim much time.

GIGASENSE Anti Collision System is a Microwave base anti collision system designed for safety in heavy duty industries. Its operation is reliable even in harsh conditions, with a lot of particles, dust, steam, heat, rain or snow. This makes it suitable for use in metal works and outside.

To protect two cranes, the GIGASENSE Anti Collision System contains two units only, where some other systems need four installed units. The operational reliability of GIGASENSE Anti Collision System is partly thanks to the unique feature that the two units, A-unit and B-unit “talk”. The GIGASENSE units constantly confirm the other unit’s signal, which makes it vast more clever than other systems on the market.

“We are very proud that Word-of-Mouth regarding the robustness and quality of our GIGASENSE Anti Collision System providing maximum uptime for heavy duty industries travels all over the world. “, says Gigasense AB CEO Maria Mörnborg  and continues, “We have now sold over 5000 of our anti collision devices to Steel Works, Aluminum Works and Harbors with extra high requirements for fast and automatic cranes. It is also a delight to have such a competent partner as ACE Cranes in the Middle East, which is an important region for Gigasense AB.”

Emirates Steel is the largest steel company in the United Arab Emirates and one of the top 10 companies in the Middle East, www.esi-steel.com. Emirates Steel was established in 1998 and is owned by SENAAT, the UAE’s largest industrial conglomerate and a driving force for implementing the Abu Dhabi government’s industrial diversification policy. Emirates Steel is the only integrated Steel plant in the UAE. In 2012, the Company began producing at a capacity of 3.5 million MTPA, following two expansions and the investment of AED 11 billion (US$ 3 billion). Emirates Steel is careful to reduce the Company’s environmental footprint and works to increase safety for its workers and customers.

Ace Crane Systems is an overhead crane and hoist manufacturing company, based in the United Arab Emirates who offers a complete service from design concept through to final commissioning. Ace Crane Systems have 30 years worldwide experience in the field of cranes and materials’ handling equipment and provide solutions from several leading equipment manufacturers from Europe. Ace Cranes Group has over 250 employees of various trades. The Crane girder fabrication and assembly is carried out within our in-house ISO9001 (2008) certified facility. www.acecranes.com

Gigasense AB is a well-known actor within Crane Safety and Force Measurement. We operate around the world through carefully selected local partners in the business areas. Since our foundation in 1951, our focus is on developing high-quality products for force measurement, overload protection and anti-collision in hoisting, bulk transport and line construction. On the Nordic market, Gigasense also works in the Lab Instruments and Material Testing business areas as a turnkey supplier and expert in destructive testing equipment. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 -certified.  www.gigasense.se

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