GIGASENSE Anti Collision System Available for the North American Market

On August 17th 2021, Gigasense AB:s Anti-Collision System for Cranes was granted the Radio Apparatus Certificate as Field Disturbance Sensor by the Certified Body Nemko Canada Inc. The GIGASENSE® Anti Collision System has met the requirements of FCC and IC. FCC ID: YBQ-GII10525, IC certification number: 8963A-GII10525.

The GIGASENSE Anti Collision system is especially suitable for steel works and other heavy industry where the environment is rough. The extremely high frequency carrier signal at 10 GHz is very difficult to disturb. This system is straightforward to install and is easy to connect to any crane control. The GIGASENSE Anti Collision system makes system control every 3 seconds and is maintenance free.

You find more information about the GIGASENSE Anti Collision system at https://www.gigasense.se/product/anti-collision/

To find your local sales contact, goto https://www.gigasense.se/distributors/

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