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Overload Protection for Steel Company

In strong competition with other suppliers PIAB Sweden AB proposed to DEMATIC an overload protection system to monitor the load in the crane and switch off at slack rope condition and overload. Additionally, the maintenance department of the end-user (HKM) also specified the requirement for recording of the hoist operation as per FEM 9755-3, FEM 9511, ISO 12482-1. The cranes are designed with an “anti sway” system and have an 8×2 reeving configuration with eight dead ends.


Eight units PIAB LKVE 8 electronic force transmitters with the PIAB CSM Crane Safety Monitor.


DEMATIC, Wetter, Germany.


Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann AG (HKM), Germany.


Eight units PIAB LKVE 8 Electronic Force Transmitters are attached directly to the eight wire rope dead ends. The output signal from the PIAB LKVE (4-20 mA) is wired into the PIAB CSM Crane Safety Monitor 8:517. The PIAB CSM evaluates and computes the signals and can be set at a number of different alarm levels.

The PIAB CSM also indicates the actual load and records the operation in each hoist. DEMATIC did select the PIAB system thanks to the following reasons;

  1. SIMPLE AND SWIFT INSTALLATION. Installation is made without influencing or changing the design or the working range and capacity of the overhead travelling cranes.
  2. SYSTEM DELIVERED CALIBRATED FROM FACTORY Easy and quick installation thanks to the fact that the PIAB System is calibrated and switch values are pre-set at the factory. ROBUST OUTPUT SIGNAL RESISTANT TO INTERFERENCE The PIAB LKVE transducers, attached to the wire rope dead ends, provide a 4 – 20mA output signal, which is easily installed together with other electrical cables without causing any disturbance.
  3. SIMPLE ON-SITE-ADJUSTMENT OF SETTINGS All limit settings, time delays, etc., are easily adjusted via the 6 push buttons on the panel of the PIAB CSM electronic unit. No screwdrivers or voltmeters are needed for the adjustments of the functions.
  4. SYSTEM MONITORS INHERENT IMBALANCE IN HOISTING STRUCTURE. Uneven loading in each wire rope reever could easily be identified from the readout display on the PIAB CSM unit. Furthermore, the display is of great importance at wire rope replacement or adjustment.
  5. RECORDING OF HOIST OPERATIONAL CYCLES The operational condition information from the PIAB CSM enables a more efficient pre maintenance work for the crane service staff.
  6. FAILSAFE SYSTEM PIAB CSM is a self checking unit. Occuring faults result in overload indication.

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