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Overload protection with user friendly load limitation

PIPARWAR AREA in CENTRAL COALFIELDS LIMITED, a Subsidiary of Coal India Limited, in the in eastern India is producing Coal. The production in the Piparwar area consists of a large mine site with advanced Mobile Inpit Crusher & series of conveyor belts of high speed and capacity.

For the bulk transport of material for the Coal production, force measurement with electronic overload protection is needed on the conveyor belt. It is important that the system is robust, reliable, accurate and made for this type of industry and that the load limit setting are easy to change.

Central Coalfields Ltd. evaluated different setups and chose the PIAB system due to high reliability for belt tension monitoring, as this was a special application. PIAB Dynamometers with potentiometer in combination with the PIAB ARLL Analogue Readout load Limiter from the company Gigasense AB in Sweden.

These products are invented, developed and manufactured in Sweden. The producer Gigasense AB takes responsibility for the complete system and the calibration is made from factory. This enables an easy and quick installation. The PIAB brand from Gigasense AB is known to keep very high quality, always delivering robust products, well suited for heavy duty industry such as mining and metal production. Furthermore, these products are maintenance free and very accurate. Their life cycle cost is low.

Gigasense AB is an ISO 9001 certified, well known actor within the crane safety ‐ and force measurement – business. We have provided heavy duty industry all around the world with high quality, robust and accurate products since 1951. Our PIAB‐ and Gigasense –branded products have been installed in heavy duty crane and conveyor belt industries all over the world. Among our reference customers are Steel‐ and Aluminum Works who have chosen our load cells, electronic and mechanical overload protection and anti collision systems for their robust construction and long life cycle at low life cycle cost.

CENTRAL COALFIELDS LIMITED, a Subsidiary of Coal India Limited, work in India with mining and production of Coal for Thermal Powers Plants. Their Annual production capacity is 48 Million tons. This Coal is exported to Major Thermal Power Plants in the Country.

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Malin Nordin

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