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Crane Safety

An increased awareness of the importance of a good working environment has resulted in increased demands for safety.

Today, lifting equipment is often an integrated part of a costly manufacturing process, where damage to people or equipment can seriously affect and impair economy and competitiveness.

One of Gigasense special capabilities is to provide equipment for load indication and protection against overload that may arise when hoisting. Such measuring equipment must be practical, reliable, suitable, accurate and safe.


Gigasense CSM Crane Safety Monitor is designed for overload protection. For your safety and best life cycle economy and to avoid unplanned production stop.

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Anti Collision System

The GIGASENSE anti-collision system is easy to install, robust, maintenance free and comes with built in self diagnostic functions to monitor the system.

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Force Transmitter (LKVE/i)

The LKVE is a Force Transmitter and is delivered for capacities up to 16 ton metric in single part of hoisting rope.

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Angle Measurement Unit for CSM

The AMU sensor will complement the overload protection with angle measurement of the wire rope, or to measure the angle on the crane boom.

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Automatic Hook

The Gigasense Automatic Safety Hook automatically hooks up, safety locks and releases. The risk for injury is dramatically reduced.

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Shaft Load Cell (SLC)

When overload protection and/or load indication is to be installed in a conveyor, crane or other device, the PIAB SLC is the ideal solution.

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Our crane safety products