When transporting bulk commodities such as gravel, sand, coal, salt etc. belt conveyors are often used. To make the belt conveyor function correctly, the tension in the conveying belts should be adjusted to the amount of goods being transported and to the variations that may occur.

Without a continuous adjustment of the track tension the conveyor will not work properly and the equipment will be subject to excessive wear. Our instruments are suitable for monitoring and controlling the tension in the conveying belts. Correct tension will increase the reliability minimizing the need for service.


The Gigasense Dynamometer is excellent for measurement and control of tension forces and weight, where accuracy, reliability and safety in all conditions is required.

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Load cells

The Gigasense Load Cells range from typical compression/tension load cells to S-beam and shear beam types for stationary applications as well as for mobile weighing systems.

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Force Transmitter (LKVE/i)

The LKVE is a Force Transmitter and is delivered for capacities up to 16 ton metric in single part of hoisting rope. It can be mounted on wire roped with a diameter up to 44 mm.

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LKVX Overload Guard

The LKVX Overload Guard is designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. It is easy to install without disturbing the crane.

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