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Angle Measurement Unit for CSM

The AMU sensor will complement the overload protection with angle measurement of the wire rope, or to measure the angle on the crane boom. The AMU sensor either controls the angle and the force in conjunction, or controls only the angle separately in a lifting device with Gigasense AMU sensor, you increase the life time of the wire ropes and save money. This excellent device further improves your safety and save and protects wire ropes.The AMU sensor is an option and can only work combined with a CSM 8:7xx


The AMU sensor measures the angles of the wire rope, or on the crane boom. The angles are processed in the CSM 8:7xx. Breaking values for different angles and / or in conjunction with the force, can be set in the limit  settings menu. Compensation curves for combined angle control and force measurement, affect the breaking  value (normally set to control the overload protection value). The more angle in a certain direction, or on the  crane boom, the more the CSM 8:7xx compensates the breaking value. In the cases, when only the angles are supervised (without the force), different limits can be used for different  breaking values of each angle.

The AMU sensor is powered with 24VDC from the CSM 8:7xx and returns the angle data over a CAN bus  interface. The AMU is a slave unit for the CSM 8:7xx in the sense that all parameterization is done in the CSM  8:7xx. If the CAN bus is interrupted between the CSM 8:7xx and the AMU sensor, the CSM puts the assigned  limits in alarm state. Several AMU sensors can be connected to the same CSM 8:7xx and controlled via the node number setting on the CAN bus interface.

How the Crane Safety Monitor works with the Angle measurement unit

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