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CSM – Crane Safety Monitor

Gigasense CSM Crane Safety Monitor is designed for overload protection. For your safety and best life cycle economy and to avoid unplanned production stop. For industries where safety and clarity is crucial in the daily work. The CSM is designed to give optimal safety in heavy lifting operations and for continuous work in the toughest of industries. With different options of load cell inputs, summations, slack rope control, unbalance control etc.

The CSM is designed for a safety level up to Performance Level d, Category 3 according to SS-EN-ISO 13849-1. Gigasense Crane Safety Monitor is maintenance free and all settings are made from factory.

Option to the CSM – The AMU (Angle Measurement Unit)

The CSM can monitor the following functions/operations

CSM 8:700, 8:7xx, 8:7xxC and 8:74x is a complete electronic control unit to be used in an overload protection system for individual and overall protection for one or more hoists in a lifting equipment. The CSM evaluates and computes the signals from one to four force transmitters (4‐20mA) into absolute load weights. The load weights can be summed or subtracted by the summing functions, which can be monitored by the limit circuits.
The lifting equipment is controlled by the preset limit breakpoints, which control the output relays / safety functions. The output relays / safety functions are assigned to a function, e.g. slack rope detection, unbalance, overload, warning etc


  • Mains Supply Voltage:
    100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, other voltages on request.
  • Enclosure:
    Dimensions 380x380x210 mm, PLd systems 600x600x210 mm.
  • Protection Class:
  • Temperature Range:
    -20ºC to +70ºC.
  • Inputs:
    Current signal, 4-20 mA.A.
  • Alarm Settings:
    16 limits with delay functions and catastrophe limits..
  • Load time registration:
    (SWP time)
    Up to four hoists can be monitored via digital optical voltage relay inputs.
  • USB:
    Type A
  • Outputs:
    RS 485 serial for Gigasense large format display.
  • Analogue Outputs:
    4 – 20 mA
    0 – 10 VDC
  • Display (built in):
    Back lit LCD, 2 rows each with 16 alphanumeric characters..
  • Setting of Switch Levels/Programming:
    Simple, via 6 push buttons on panel.

General description of the Crane Safety Monitor – CSM

How to set limits of the Crane Safety Monitor

Calibration Of Model Performance Level c, Category 1

Calibration Of Model Performance Level c, Category 2

Calibration Of Model Performance Level d, Category 3

How the Crane Safety Monitor works with the Angle measurement unit

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