The PIAB Dynamometer is excellent for measurement and control of tension forces and weight, where accuracy, reliability and safety in all conditions is required. The PIAB Dynamometer conforms to the International Standards for Safety Inspectorates. The PIAB Dynamometer is an all-weather instrument, equally suitable for use in the laboratory as in the field for weighing and measuring mechanical tension forces.

PIAB Dynamometer function

The pull rod movement operates the scale drum through a square thread stem. The power-absorbing element consists of specially made Belleville type spring washers, so designed as to be entirely free from wear. The spring washers cannot be overloaded. The PIAB Dynamometer can be overloaded with 100% without affecting the accuracy.

  • Can temporarily be overloaded by 100% without affecting the accuracy.
  • Fully pressure tight, and each instrument is pressure tested.
  • The PIAB Dynamometer can be equipped for remote reading or contact functions (micro switches).
  • Available with polyester lacquering for use in very corrosive environment. (optional)

PIAB Dynamometer safety

The PIAB Dynamometer has a safety factor of 5:1. It is guaranteed to withstand a load of 5 times full scale reading before rupture. The resistance to rupture is tested by the National Swedish Institute for Materials Testing. The PIAB Dynamometer may be overloaded by 100% without impairing the accuracy. The PIAB Dynamometers, types M-G, have drop-forged steel eye brackets (SIS 2174, St 52-3N acc. to DIN 17100, 50 D acc. to BS 4360); giving a guaranteed impact resistance down to -20 degrees C.

100% Overload possible without affecting accuracy

The O-ring of the pull rod is protected by a neoprene rubber membrane. On instantaneous unloading, e.g. breaking test, the return movement of the pull rod is retarded by a specially made spring washer. The PIAB Dynamometer is approved by the National Board of Occupational Safety and Health for integral connection in the carrying system of a lifting device and for weighing of test loads in connection with inspection.

PIAB Dynamometer contact function

The PIAB Dynamometer can be equipped with a built-on adjustable contact head. Using a micro switch, which is directly influenced by the pull rod, the PIAB Dynamometer gives an electrical contact function at a previously set value. For types MA-O extension to the body length is about 100 mm, for Q about 110 mm, for S about 78 mm, for U and G about 95 mm and for type E about 102 mm. For a dynamometer with 1100 lb. or 2200 lb. capacity, types MA and MB are used. These have springs assemblies for 1100 lb. or 2200 lb., arranged in type M housings. PIAB Dynamometers MA-O can be equipped with 1-3 and types Q-E with 1-5 micro switches. The electrical connections are made in the terminal box to a numbered connection block.

Protection against corrosion

The PIAB Dynamometer is fully pressure tight and each instrument is pressure tested. No leakage is permitted. The external surfaces are Zinc plated with clear chromate passivation. If the dynamometer is to be used in a very corrosive environment, it can be polyester lacquered. On special request the PIAB Dynamometer can be supplied Nickel plated.

Dynamometer for remote reading

The PIAB Dynamometer used for remote reading is supplied with a built-in precision potentiometer. The potentiometer is directly connected to the scale mechanism of the PIAB instrument. The electrical resistance of the potentiometer varies in proportion to the load on the PIAB Dynamometer. The resistance is indicated on a receiving instrument, calibrated individually and marked with the same serial number as the dynamometer. The connection to the PIAB Dynamometer is made through a terminal box mounted on the surface of the PIAB Dynamometer . If a PIAB Dynamometer with potentiometer is delivered without receiving instrument, a resistance chart with at least 10 incremental values is included.


  • Capacity:
    The PIAB Dynamometers can be delivered in capacities from 250 kg up to 50 ton.
  • Accuracy:
    +/- 0.6% of the max capacity
  • Working temperature:
    Max. 140°F (+60°C)
  • Tareing:
    The PIAB Dynamometer can be tared to approx. 10% of the full scale. To obtain best accuracy the dynamometer should be factory-supplied calibrated for a known tare.
  • Scale:
    White lacquered with black graduation. Available in different graduations: kg, kN, daN, lb etc.

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