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Electronic Unit 9:302C

Gigasense 9:302C Electronic Unit for overload protection with three load limits and mV/V or 4-20 mA signal input.

One force transmitter with a signal output of 0 – 2 mV/V or 4-20mA used with the 9:302C overload protection system.

Gigasense 9:302C function

9:302C is an overload protection system intended for use in cranes with a single hoist. One force transmitter with a signal output of 0 – 2 mV/V or 4-20mA used with the 9:302C overload protection system.

To conform with European standards, a redundant force transmitter shall be used. The system conforms with performance level C, category 2, according to standard SS-EN ISO 13849-1, with a redundant force transmitter. The system can work with a single channel force transmitter (non redundant force transmitter) where local regulations allow. We always recommend to use a redundant force transmitter with the 9:302C overload protection system.

The 9:302C has two relays, OTE relay and one analogue 4-20mA signal output:

Relay 1
Limit 1 is normally used for slack rope detection

Relay 2
Limit 2 is normally used for overload limitation at 110% of the crane’s nominal capacity. Limit 2 includes two set points: Limit 2A and 2B. For Limit 2A you can easily choose between on and off delay for the overload limit. Limit 2B is always without delay and is mostly used for a switch value above Limit 2A. Limit 2B switch value is sometimes called emergency limit, as it immediately cuts crane movement, and the value is o en set to 120-125% of nominal  capacity.

Relay OTE (Output Test Equipment)
The relay output marked OTE, shall be connected to the crane control system. In case of system errors in the 9:302C system, the OTE relay shall stop the crane and indicate the error to the operator. The problem that occurred must be investigated and repaired before the crane is put in operation again.

4 – 20 mA
The analogue signal output can be used to transfer the load indication to your own system or to run a Gigasense large format display

Built in display
LCD, 2 rows each with 16 alphanumeric characters. The height of the characters is 5 mm. The display is back lit to enable readings in any environment.

Gigasense 9:302C safety

The 9:302C Electronic Unit is self-checking. Any malfunction of load cell or cable will indicate overload. This informs the operator some component of the overload system is out of order.


Transducer input:
0 – 2 mV/V

Operating voltage:
100 – 240 VAC or 18-30 VDC

Protection Class:
NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4X, 12, 13
-25 to 70° C

Impact resistance:
IK 08/07 (EN 62262)

Relay outputs:
Two potential free relays + Output Test Equipment relay

5 A, 250 VAC
6 A, 24VDC

Analouge Output:
4 -20 mA, max 500 

Polycarbonate (PC)
UL 746C 5V

235 x 185 x 119 mm
9,25 x 7,28 x 4,70 inch