Force Transmitter (LKVE/i)

Force Transmitter (LKVE/i)

The PIAB LKVE is a Force Transmitter and is delivered for capacities up to 16 ton metric in single part of hoisting rope. It can be mounted on wire roped with a diameter up to 44 mm. Together with a PIAB CSM or PIAB Electronic Unit, the PIAB LKVE is well suited as overload guard /load guard /load limiter and/or a slack rope switch on lifting equipment. The PIAB LKVE can be used in systems for overload protection and load indication on single and multiple hoists.

PIAB LKVE function

The PIAB LKVE electronic overload protection system consists of a force transmitter with amplifier and an electronic signal processing unit. The PIAB LKVE force transmitter is attached to a stationary line part. The rope is deflected via a slight angle between the two wheels and the clamping jaw. When loaded, the rope tends to straighten and applies a force which is transmitted to the load cell. The load cell in the PIAB LKVE delivers a signal proportional to the force on the load cell. The signal is amplified and is converted to 4-20mA. This standardized signal (4-20mA) allows distances between the force transmitter and the electronic unit to be 500 m.

PIAB LKVE safety

The PIAB LKVE is not directly included in the hoisting system and does not affect the construction of the lifting equipment. Thanks to the design of the clamping jaw, the measurement is not affected by the changes in the rope diameter that occur after some use. In a system with a PIAB Electronic Unit, the PIAB LKVE operates in “Fail Safe Mode”. This means that all faults (cable faults, short circuits etc.) will lead to an overload condition. The PIAB LKVE can be overloaded mechanically by 100% without affecting the accuracy of measurement.

PIAB LKVE measuring signal

The PIAB LKVE delivers a defined output of 4-20mA, which is robust and not subject to interference. The 4-20mA out put signal can handle serial resistances of up to 250 Ohm and the cable can therefore be extended up to around 500 m. The cable, 4 x 1.5 mm2 transfers supply voltage to the load cell amplifier and in return feed the PIAB Electronic Unit with the input signal.


  • Capacity:
    The LKVE is delivered in for capacities up to 16 ton metric.
  • Wire diameter:
    Up to 44 mm.
  • Installation:
    The LKVE is installed directly on the wire rope in minutes.
  • Overload accuarcy:
    The LKVE can temporarily be overloaded by 100% without affecting accuracy.
  • Repeatability:
    The LKVE has a repeatability of 0.1 – 1.5%
  • Linear deviation:
    0 – 4.5 % due characteristics of wire rope.
  • Protection class:
    The LKVE is pressure tight, conforms to IP67 according to IEC529.

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