Automatic Hook

The Gigasense Automatic Safety Hook automatically hooks up, safety locks and releases. The risk for injury is dramatically reduced. No personnel is required in the dangerous loading or drop zone.

Smart design saves time and increases safety

Lifting operations with mobile cranes and industrial hoists can be safely managed by the operator alone. The operator can remain at the controls during lifting and release operation. The Gigasense Automatic Standard Safety Hook is available in 6 sizes from 2 to 27 tons. Model ”Big C” with larger hook opening is available in three sizes; 2,5 ton, 6,5 ton and 15 ton (metric ton). It is easy to operate, has rugged design and high reliability.

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Gigasense Automatic Safety Hook function

The Automatic Safety Hook consists of a hook, housing and link. The forged hook, housing and link are of high-grade steel. Unloaded, the spring loaded hook is pulled up against the housing in an open, ready-to-load position where it can easily be hooked onto a lifting eye or other attached hardware. When the Automatic Hook is engaged, the load tension closes the hook opening, and the safety latch is automatically locked. The hook remains safety locked even if it is unloaded. It is therefore possible to safely set down the load and make sling adjustments. To release the safety lock after completed lifting operation, the hook is lowered until the upper link has tilted approx. 60 degrees in relation to the housing. When the lock is released, the hook swings up into an open starting position. The load is released, and the automatic hook is ready for a new lifting operation.

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Automatic Safety Hook BIG-C

Automatic Standard Safety Hook


Blasting mats, pipes, pumps, machines, gas bottles, big bags and general lifting.


The Automatic Hook is available in 6 sizes from 2 to 27 metric tons (the standard models)

Model ”Big C is available in 3 sizes; 2,5 ton, 6,5 ton and 15 ton (metric ton)

The Automatic Hook is tested and approved by the Swedish Institute for Materials Testing.