Load Pins

Load Pins

When overload protection and/or load indication is to be installed in a conveyor, crane or other device, the Gigasense SLC Load Pin is the ideal solution. The SLC Load Pin easily replaces the existing shaft at an equalizing pulley or in other parts of the construction. The Gigasense SLC Load Pin should be installed as close as possible to the force/load for best accuracy. Both the SLC Load Pin and the LCA Amplifier are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions for a long operation time.

SLC Load Pin function

The SLC Load Pin is designed as a shaft. Built into the shaft is a number of foil-strain gauges for sensing the deformation of the shaft during exposure to load. Shear forces appear in the section between the support and the applied load. Those shear forces are relative to the load on the SLC Load Pin. Since the strain gauges are positioned in the centre of the SLC Load Pin, little or no influence is derived from bending or torsion forces.

The strain gauges are fed with 10 VDC from LCA Amplifier. The strain gauges deliver a signal to the amplifier (mV/V). This signal is converted in the LCA Amplifier to a current signal of 4-20 mA which is extremely resistant to interference. The transducer amplifier should be installed as close as possible to the SLC Load Pin. The SLC Load Pins can be designed for very small to very large dimensions and various capacities.


  • Manufactured to customer design.
  • Size:
    Can be manufactured from diameter 20mm and upwards.
  • Overload accuracy:
    Can temporarily be overloaded by 100% without affecting the accuracy.
  • Temperature range:
    -20 C to +70 C.
  • Protection class:
    Pressure tight conformed to IP 67 according IEC 529.

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