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Progress Energy, N.C. has selected the PIAB Rope Tension Meter RTM20D!

Progress Energy selected the PIAB Rope Tension Meter RTM 20D for their transmission maintenance crews, because it was the only device that met Progress Energy’s requirements. The instrument meets the following requirements and specifications:

  • Simple to use.
  • User friendly.
  • Light weight.
  • Accurate reading.
  • Can be calibrated for 10 different guy wires/conductors.
  • All mechanical parts, which are exposed for wear are hardened.

The crews now have the capability of knowing the tension on a guy ( 7/16”; 9/16”; ¾” , Type: EHS Steel Guystrand) before trying to remove it or installing it on the tensioned guy as the tension adjustment nuts will be tightened. Furthermore, the PIAB RTM 20D is also used for checking the tension ( Sag! ) on conductors ( 795- 45/7 ACSR – Tern; 1272-45/7 ACSR –Bittern; 1590 – 45/7 ACSR –Lapwing ).

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