Saarstahl AG selects PIAB CSM Overload Protection System for 215 ton Overhead Traveling Crane

Saarstahl AG selects PIAB Overload Protection System for Overhead Traveling Crane (Capacity: 215 ton Melted Steel!) No. S266. In strong competition with other suppliers Gigasense AB received the order to deliver an overload protection system to Saahrstahl AG, which should monitor the load in the crane and switch off at overload, uneven loading and at slack rope condition. Additionally, the maintenance department also specified the requirement recording of the hoist operations as per FEM9755-3, FEM 9511, ISO 12482-1.

PIAB SLC Load Pin overload protection solution

As there are no wire rope dead ends at the hoist, the Gigasense technicians suggested a design and manufacture 2 pieces of PIAB Load Pin Ø320/ Ø220 mm, length = 475 mm. Each PIAB SLC Load Pin has a weight of 130 kg (286 lb!) to be used as force transmitters for the load of the melted steel bucket. Each PIAB SLC Load Pin was mounted into one of the two hooks, which are connected to each side of the crane spreader. The output signals from both PIAB LCA Load Pin Amplifiers were wired into the PIAB CSM 8:611 Crane Safety Monitor. The PIAB CSM evaluates and computes the PIAB SLC Load Pin signals (4 – 20 mA) and can be set for all required alarm levels.

The PIAB CSM also indicates the actual load and records the operation in the hoist.

Saarstahl AG selected the PIAB Overload Protection System for the following reasons:

  • Calibrated from factory.
  • Does not need recalibration when wire rope is exchanged.
  • Can temporarily be overloaded by 100% without affecting the accuracy.
  • Output signal (4 – 20 mA) is resistant to interference. Can be installed together with other electrical cables without causing disturbances.
  • Simple on site adjustment of settings. All limit settings etc. are easily adjusted with the 6 push buttons on the PIAB CSM Panel. No screwdrivers nor voltmeters are needed for the adjustments of the settings.
  • Recording of hoist operational cycles. The crane operational condition information from the PIAB CSM enables the crane service and maintenance staff a more efficient pre-maintenance work.
  • Failsafe system. PIAB CSM is a self-checking unit. Occurring faults result in an overload alarm.

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