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Tension control in lightning protection wire

Consumers Energy, Jackson, Michigan, US have had problems controlling the tension forces in the messenger wire. The messenger wire serves as lightning protection and provides protection to the entire aerial spacer cable System. The system allows trees to grow much closer than a bare wire system. This means dramatic reductions in requirements for tree trimming intervals and subsequent cost-savings. The system also eliminates the major pruning of trees that would have been required in cases of bare systems. Of great importance is to be able to have an accurate tension measurement in this messenger wire to match the climatic changes in tension due to our door temperature variations, which will cause traction and contraction in the wire. A mis-tensioned wire could fatigue and damage the spacer cable system.

Suitable product

The PIAB Dynamometer, Type Dx1,5 Capacity 3300 lb. (1500 kg) is perfectly suited for measuring tension in the HENDRIX Aerial Spacer Cable System (Overhead Power Distribution System). The PIAB Dynamometer is an instrument for measurement and control of tension forces and weights, where accuracy, reliability and safety in all aspects are required. The PIAB Dynamometer for integration in the VITAL system of lifting devices and for weighing of test-loads in connection with hoist and crane inspections.


After tests in real life the PIAB Dynamometer has been found: “Very light, durable, handy and easy to use. It needs not to be re-calibrated as other types of instruments do” says standardisation engineer Mr. Terry J. Orban, Consumers Energy, Jackson, Michigan, US.

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