Wire inspection for Bowlin Construction

The Gigasense Rope Tension Meter
The Gigasense Rope Tension Meter

Bowlin Construction, Walton, Kentucky, USA is a tower constructing company. Additionally they have maintenance contracts for some 550 towers at different customers in the US. Business is strongly expanding. The contracts specify an annual inspection and control of each guy wire for every tower. Until now, this work has been time consuming, expensive and risky, since an “in line measurement” with standard dynamometers has been utilized. The Bowlin management searched for a more efficient and safe method and measuring instruments. They discovered the PIAB RTM 20D Rope Tension Meter, a battery-operated measuring instrument designed to measure the tension force in cables, ropes and wires..

Typical applications for PIAB RTM Rope Tension Meter

Guy-wires for antennas, towers and transmission line masts/towers electrical conductors and cables for trains, trams, towing ropes etc. When the PIAB RTM 20D is attached on a pre-tensioned wire rope, the force can be directly read from the LCD-display on the front of the PIAB RTM 20D. 10 different ropes can be calibrated on one PIAB RTM 20D Rope Tension Meter.

Suitable solution

The PIAB RTM 20D Rope Tension Meter was found to be: “very light and easy to use” says Maintenance Co-coordinator Mr. Charles “Kip” Koch at Bowlin Construction. “The towers are often located in remote areas and difficult to reach. Often the service engineers have to carry all equipment to site. Light-weight equipment is preferred”. During inspection-operation with the assistance of the PIAB RTM 20D, the tension in the guy wires could be adjusted and displayed while the PIAB RTM 20D is attached on the wire rope.

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